Bears, Beards and Bacon - Scottish Game Jam

Written on 2013-01-28

Fun with Catmull-Rom splines using GNUplot and Ruby

Written on 2012-11-13

Sharply drawn lines

Written on 2012-11-02

Quick and dirty sprite glueing

Written on 2012-10-26

Game wallpapers - Kairo

Written on 2012-10-21

Pushing a UIViewController from a modal view

Written on 2012-10-13

Honours Project - the Idea

Written on 2012-10-11

Open current directory in Finder

Written on 2012-08-15

Beautiful documents with Markdown, LaTeX and little printers

Written on 2012-08-14

Don't trust yourself. Visualise.

Written on 2012-04-04