Greg Goltsov

Data Innovation Expert / International Speaker

I combine 7+ years of architecting, developing and delivering data products through combination of data engineering and data science.

My diverse industry experience spans designing and implementing pragmatic data analytics solutions — operating either as a single expert, or as a tech lead for a team. Currently, I’m applying these skills as a CTO at a Citibank’s Innovation Lab.

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I've developed data solutions for major companies.

My highly pragmatic approach and detailed knowledge of the current landscape of tools and solutions has allowed me to deliver significant, impactful results for organisations internationally.

Southern Cross Austereo
  • Singlehandedly overhauled existing data analytics architecture for Southern Cross Austereo (Australia’s largest media company) by using Apache Spark
  • Provided before-unseen data insights for radio media industry
  • Drastically reduced the speed of data analysis from weeks to hours
  • Brought modernity and best practices through unit testing and reproducibility
  • Organised the data team of four, championing Scrum
Appear Here
  • Spearheaded the development of machine-learning suggestion system to increase market uptake
  • Productionised the system and delivered stable API for the front-end for integration with the rest of the product
  • Self-directed, and managed the research & development of the project, within the first week of joining
  • Produced and visualised insights for fund-raising decks
Touch Surgery
  • Built much of the infrastructure and the data pipelines, starting with 60,000 users, later scaling to 1,200,000+
  • Designed and built dashboards and reporting for Touch Surgery’s Fortune 10 clients.
  • Worked closely with business and design teams on end-to-end feature development
  • Prepared and gave product presentations to clients, including Covidien, Johnson & Johnson

My toolbox

I am fluent in several languages, and maintain a consistent approach to learning and developing in new technologies. I place equal value on both the technology and the actual user’s experience — be it internal or client-facing.

What I use

Major languages: Python, Clojure/ClojureScript, SQL, Bash

Technologies: PostgresSQL, PySpark, AWS Redshift, AWS S3, Pandas, Scikit-learn, ElasticSearch, Re-frame, Reagent, Django, Flask, D3.js, Emacs, Vim, Ansible

I also have experience developing in: Ruby, JavaScript, C#, C, C++, Java, Matlab

My processes

Large organisations, companies and startups alike, often rely on a myriad of data services, which means essential information is spread across disparate silos. 

In order to make informed or holistic decisions, data should be consolidated into a ‘single source of truth’ – using robust and reliable processes. 

A lot of current manual reporting can be automated. This frees up valuable resources and can unearth never-before-seen insights.

There are opportunities for all companies to benefit by building data products, dashboards and ultimately moving towards cutting-edge approaches, such as machine learning and predictive analytics. 

These tools give an enormous competitive advantage.

Working with me

I think laterally to provide creative, innovative and holistic solutions.

I show leadership skills through championing Scrum and other productivity techniques.

I am a self-starter who can organise and manage whole projects delivered alone or within a team structure.

I am approachable to colleagues and share information and progress readily.

I have dual-language fluency, in both English and Russian. 

Talks I've given

I’m a passionate speaker on a variety topics from data processes, full-stack development to team empowerment and efficiency. Here are some talks I’ve delivered to both companies and AI and ML meet-ups.

Testimonials and recommendations

This is what people I have worked with say about me.

Dr Andre Chow, co-founder of Touch Surgery

“Greg was one of our first employees at Touch Surgery, and I can truly say that working with him was incredible.

Greg brings incredible dedication and energy to all the products that he works with.”

Dr Jean Nehme, co-founder of Touch Surgery

“Lateral, dynamic thinker, passionate, crazy-talented awesome individual.”

Guillaume Agis, Freelance Android Developer

“Passionate and really smart, Gregory’s set of both IT and non IT skills make him a first choice engineer. 

He always puts lot of energy in effort in his work, trying to reach results beyond requirements and always want to learn more (he shows a real interest in Clojure for instance)!

His ability to integrate and work in a team, complete his technical side. I would definitely recommend Gregory.

He is a great guy to have in the house!”

Dave Nolan, CTO at Appear Here

“We threw Greg a complex task under unusual circumstances and he proved himself to be knowledgable, clued-in and always results focused.

He is a great team-player but also a self-directed problem solver. He knows his tools and he gets started without hesitation.”

Dr Andre Chow, co-founder of Touch Surgery

“He has a wide knowledge base, and has a knack of finding the right technical solution for difficult problems. He is also very forward-thinking, and always considers how to make his solutions scalable in the future.

If you ever get the opportunity to work with Greg — I would grab it with both hands!”

Guillaume Agis, Freelance Android Developer

“I’ve worked on projects with many developers, and Greg is certainly one of my favourites.

As someone with relatively little understanding of technology, Greg helped me deepen my knowledge of complicated concepts while presenting all information necessary to make informed decisions.”

Matthew Eisner, Digital Marketing Consultant

“He has a truly unique curiosity. He seeks to gain a full understanding of how systems work in order to create the best solution given the project requirements, as well as outline how it could be improved in the future.

When I have a question regarding technical stack, he is always one of the first people I go to.”